Commercial airlines are much safer than cars and risks of dying in a fatal crash are far less. Even so, fatal aviation crashes do occur. If you or a loved one is injured in a crash or a loved one dies in a plane accident, a Las Vegas airplane crash attorney can help protect your rights and recover compensation.

The Boeing Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents shows statistics that Boeing gathered from 2002 through 2011. Boeing’s analysts calculated the percentages of fatal accidents and fatalities during various stages of flight. The analysis divided the flight into these categories prior to and during ascent:

  • Taxi, load/unload parked, tow
  • Takeoff
  • Initial climb
  • Climb

The middle stage was cruise. And the descent included these categories:

  • Descent
  • Initial Approach
  • Final Approach
  • Landing

Despite the fact that most of the time passengers spent on the plane was during the climb (14 percent), the cruise (57 percent) and descent (11 percent), which was a combined time of 82 percent, only 21 percent of fatal accidents and 34 percent of onboard fatalities occurred during these stages. The most dangerous time for fatalities occurred during only four percent of the time spent on a flight ― during the final approach and landing. Research showed 37 percent of fatal accidents and 29 percent of onboard fatalities occurred during these last two stages.

Airlines are responsible for making flights safe and if you or a loved one suffers injury, find out how a Las Vegas aviation accident attorney can help.